Termite Inspection Fort Lauderdale Fl only offers termite inspections to existing Termite Inspection Fort Lauderdale Fl termite customers, you should consider hiring a traditional home inspector and employing a licensed termite inspector before purchasing real estate or buying a home. Termite damage far exceeds damage caused to homes by tornadoes, hurricanes and flooding and is rarely covered by homeowner insurance policies. Traditional home inspectors often are not thoroughly trained to recognize existing or potential termite damage. Early detection can save homeowners substantial repair costs.

Protect Your Home from Termites

Termite Inspections for New Home
Termite Inspection Fort Lauderdale Flcan provide potential homebuyers with reports. These reports outline both any existing damage or infestations and areas that are liable to incur future infestations. Areas of concern include open access points in the foundation or lower levels of a home and significant moisture deposits. Professional pest control companies can assist in correcting areas that pose a threat of infestation.
The results of these reports should not necessarily deter a home buyer from purchasing the home in question. Negotiations may be entered into between buyers and sellers to arrange for further prevention and repairs to be made by the seller prior to sale. Sellers may also negotiate on price if termite damage is found.

Termite Inspection Fort Lauderdale Fl can provide you with a termite inspection for your home. Unlike other home inspection companies that have to hire outside companies for this service, Termite Inspection Fort Lauderdale Fl has a State Certified Pest Control Operator on staff. What does this mean to you? Convenience. Only one call to make and one inspector to deal with for your home and termite inspection needs.

A Wood Destroying Organism (WDO) Inspection Report, better known as a Termite Inspection is a written report of an inspection on a home for visible and accessible evidence of an infestation or damage by wood destroying organisms. Usually this means subterranean or drywood termites, but will also cover wood destroying beetles and wood destroying fungi. In Florida, carpenter ants and carpenter bees do not have to be reported.
The WDO inspection can only be done by a wood-destroying organisms identification cardholder (or a certified operator with the wood-destroying organisms category) of a pest control company licensed by the state of Florida. These employees must receive special training to be qualified as a WDO inspector. A written inspection report must be provided  by Termite Inspection Fort Lauderdale Fl and a specific report form provided by the state must be used if a fee is charged to perform this inspection.

A WDO report tells the client if the pest control inspector saw any evidence of the following:
Live termites or other wood destroying organisms.

Evidence of infestation by termites or other wood destroying organisms (including wood destroying fungi).
Damage by the termites or other wood destroying organisms.
Previous treatment for termites or other wood destroying organisms.
Termite Inspection Fort Lauderdale Fl will report the common name of the wood destroying organism identified and the location of the evidence. If any of these areas are not accessible for inspection, these areas and the reason they are inaccessible must be reported.